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Psycholinguistics and Visual World

Language researchers have long been pioneers in the use of eye tracking technology, and many of the technical and methodological innovations in eye tracking have been driven by the field of psycholinguistics. As well as providing important insights into the reading process, gaze can be used to understand spoken language comprehension through tasks such as the Visual World Paradigm. Eye trackers can also be used to study language production - both spoken and written

Why EyeLink?

EyeLink eye trackers dominate Language and Psycholinguistic research across the world for many reasons:

Exceptional Performance:

  • Outstanding spatial accuracy
    • Word-level reading requires no ambiguity as to which word was fixated. EyeLink systems deliver very high levels of accuracy, with average accuracy across the calibrated area of the screen of between 0.25-0.5 degrees of visual angle.
  • High sampling rates
    • All new EyeLink systems are capable of sampling at up to 2000 Hz Binocularly.
    • High sampling rates and low noise levels allow very precise fixation durations to be determined, ensuring that even the smallest differences in dwell times across conditions can be detected - critical in reading research.
  • Fast real-time access to eye position
    • Many reading tasks (such as the moving window and boundary crossing tasks) are gaze-contingent. For such tasks the combination of very  rapid access to eye position (< 2ms at 1000 Hz) and a fast monitor ensures that display changes occur as quickly as possible.


  • Multiple Mounts: The uniquely flexible EyeLink 1000 Plus camera works with different mounts, optimizing setups and maximising the age range of participants and types of research possible:
    • Desktop Mount:  The Desktop Mount is highly versatile and provides a well-rounded solution for all users.
    • Tower Mount: The Tower Mount provides exceptional spatial accuracy and allows participants to respond by pointing or even touching the screen. It can also be adapted to work with tablet devices for writing research.
  • Portable Options: The Laptop-based EyeLink 1000 Plus and the EyeLink Portable Duo allows language research to be taken out of the lab, and into schools, homes and other locations. The Portable Duo adds simplicity and a mount specialized for tracking on a laptop screen.
  • Customizable: The ability to swap lenses allows EyeLink 1000 Plus remote users to trade off sample-level variability with a larger or smaller head-box, as appropriate.

Intuitive Software:

  • Experiment Builder
    • Experiment Builder, is an intuitive graphical programming environment that is simple for novice users to learn quickly, yet sophisticated enough to handle advanced experimental paradigms.  
    • Experiment Builder has many features designed specifically for language and reading researchers, including:
      • Single Line and Multiline text resources (including support for right-to-left and non-latin scripts)
      • HTML tags can be used for sophisticated text formatting
      • Automatic Interest Area segmentation of individual words
      • Delimiters can be used to automatically segment text into custom interest areas at the letter, word, phrase or sentence level.
      • Highly accurate playing and recording of audio content for language comprehension / production research.
      • Straightforward implementation of invisible boundary triggers and gaze contingent paradigms
    • We provide Experiment Builder templates for many common reading tasks, such as sentence / paragraph reading. We also have templates for gaze-contingent tasks such as moving window / moving mask and boundary crossing tasks.
  • EyeLink Data Viewer
    • EyeLink Data Viewer is a powerful yet intuitive software package that can be used for viewing, filtering, and processing gaze data recorded with EyeLink eye trackers.
    • Data Viewer has many features designed specifically for language research:
      • Automatic output of common  reading measures, such as regression counts, regression path durations, first fixation durations and many more
      • Automatic drift correction
      • Sophisticated data cleaning algorithms (to facilitate cross-study comparisons)
      • Time Series (binning) Reports allow Visual World data to be processed with a few mouse clicks.

Outstanding Support:

Our support service spans two continents, and all our support staff have extensive expertise in all aspects of eye-tracking research, including a wealth of expertise in language and reading. We can assist with all stages of research, from helping you implement specific tasks, through to extracting meaningful gaze metrics from your data. We hold regular webinars that cover topics of interest to language and reading researchers.

For a personalized consultation or quotation, including special solution bundle pricing, please contact us.