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Non-Human Primate Research

Animal models play an important role in the biological sciences because in many ways they operate similarly to human systems. The EyeLink series of eye movement monitors can track the eye position of non-human primates, allowing researchers to record eye movement responses in their experiments without any surgery or alteration of the animal. The high level of precision and high sampling rate make the EyeLink 1000 Plus an ideal video based eye tracking replacement for search coils with easy and distress-free setup and recording.

EyeLink 1000 Plus eye trackers:
  • record data digitally for highest resolution and lowest noise.
  • can stream data as analog output with 2 msec or less delay and a hard real-time inter-sample interval jitter of less than 40 usec (0.04 msec).
  • include easy to use, built-in gain and offset adjustments.
  • provide horizontal and vertical eye positions and pupil size data.
  • support sampling rates up to 2000 Hz bincoular.

Suggested EyeLink Hardware

  1. EyeLink 1000 Plus Core System (ELP-STD-CORE or ELP-LAP-CORE)
    The Core System is the heart of the EyeLink 1000 Plus system's extendible modular design. The core system includes the standard EyeLink 1000 Plus High-speed Camera (up to 2000 Hz binocular with the head stabilized), a Host Computer with Monitor, the EyeLink Software Development Kit, 24 month hardware warranty and perpetual technical support.
  2. EyeLink 1000 Plus Primate Mount (ELP-PM-91)
    The Primate Mount is intended to be affixed to a primate chair and allows easy calibration and a wide monocular tracking range for non-human primates. Custom mounting (usually with a hot mirror) is required.
  3. Analog Output Card (EL-ANL)
    A 16 bit analog output PCI card for your host computer allows x,y eye position and pupil size data to be streamed as voltages to be used by other devices. The hard real-time image processing and data output capabilities of the EyeLink system are utilized to produce less than 40 usec (0.04 msec) of inter-sample jitter.

Other Common Options

  1. 2000 Hz Camera Upgrade (ELP-2K-UP)
    Included with all new EyeLink systems, upgrading the EyeLink 1000 Plus camera provides the world's fastest sampling rate and online data access time. This upgrade enables 2000 Hz binocular recording and 1000 Hz in Remote mode with the head free-to-move. Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.
  2. EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount (ELP-DESK-89)
    When used with a chin or forehead rest, the EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount enables high temporal and spatial resolution monocular and binocular recording, with the camera and illuminator placed by the display the participant is viewing.

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