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Oculumotor Research and Smooth Pursuit

An intense area of investigation concerns mechanisms responsible for moving the eyes. Voluntary gaze shifts through Saccadic Eye Movements concern the ballistic repositioning of the eyes while Smooth Pursuit movements concern following targets moving below approximately 30 degrees per second. Involuntary eye movements such as Microsaccades and Vergence are fine motor movements that play important roles in vision.

EyeLink eye trackers provide an unprecedented sampling rate, spatial resolution and accuracy, coupled with low velocity noise needed to measure:
  • The fine dynamics in Saccadic Eye Movement including Saccadic Adaptation and Transaccadic Perception.
  • Smooth Pursuit - the smooth following of a target moving less than about 30 degrees per second.
The EyeLink 1000 Plus with the Desktop Mount enables high-speed binocular recording with excellent spatial resolution for the optimal measurement of:
  • Microsaccades - the small (< 0.25 degrees), involuntary eye movements that typically occur during fixation.
  • Vergence eye movements - the simultaneous movement of both eyes in order to obtain or maintain binocular vision.

Suggested EyeLink Hardware

  1. EyeLink 1000 Plus Core System (ELP-STD-CORE or ELP-LAP-CORE)
    The Core System is the heart of the EyeLink 1000 Plus system's extendible modular design. The core system includes the standard EyeLink 1000 Plus High-speed Camera (up to 2000 Hz binocular with the head stabilized), a Host Computer with Monitor, the EyeLink Software Development Kit, 24 month hardware warranty and perpetual technical support.
  2. EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount (ELP-DESK-89)
    When used with a chin or forehead rest, the EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount enables high temporal and spatial resolution monocular and binocular recording.
    By adding the Remote/Head Free Camera Upgrade (ELP-RMT-UP), the mount can also be used to achieve up to 1000 Hz binocular Remote recording without head stabilization.
  3. SR Research Head Support (SR-HDR)
    This is a sturdy, yet comfortable, chin and / or forehead rest that clamps to a table top for ultimate stability. Great care was taken to design the head support so that there is no interference with the users knees or legs.

Other Common Options

  1. 2000 Hz Camera Upgrade (ELP-2K-UP)
    Included with all new EyeLink systems, upgrading the EyeLink 1000 Plus camera provides the world's fastest sampling rate and online data access time. This upgrade enables 2000 Hz binocular recording and 1000 Hz in Remote mode with the head free-to-move. Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.
  2. Tower Mount (ELP-TWR)
    The Tower Mount provides a large monocular eye tracking range and is useful for tasks that require the participant to use their hands to touch the display screen. This mount includes the SR Research Head Support.
  3. SR Research Experiment Builder and Data Viewer Software Bundle (EL-DVEB)
    Experiment Builder and Data Viewer enable easy implementation of most experimental paradigms and provide simple access to the features of the EyeLink eye tracker.
  4. EyeLink Installation and Training (EL-INS)
    Get your EyeLink experience off to a great start with an expert introduction to the system and software, tailored to your particular research interests. This service includes travel expenses, one-half day installation and one day of training.

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