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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking


Electroencephalography (EEG) methods allow the measurement of electrical currents at the scalp that are produced by the coordinated firing of neurons. An increasingly important requirement in EEG research is an eye tracker that does not introduce systematic or rhythmic sources of electrical noise into the recording environment.

The EyeLink 1000 Plus system with the Desktop Mount is very useful for EEG applications because of the systems unique characteristics:
  • the eye tracking hardware is 50 - 70 cm from the head, so no electronics are in close proximity to the EEG array.
  • up to 2000 Hz binocular sampling rate
  • hard real-time analog output capabilities, for extremely accurate synchronization with the other analog EEG data
  • supports a 1000 Hz binocular head free to move, fully remote, eye tracking mode
EEG sites that require the eye tracking hardware to be at en even further distance than what the Desktop mount supports, should consider the EyeLink 1000 Plus
Fiber Optic Camera Upgrade and EyeLink 1000 Plus Long Range Mount.

Suggested EyeLink Hardware

  • EyeLink 1000 Plus Core System (ELP-STD-CORE or ELP-LAP-CORE)
    The Core System is the heart of the EyeLink 1000 Plus system's extendible modular design. The core system includes the standard EyeLink 1000 Plus High-speed Camera (up to 2000 Hz binocular with the head stabilized), a Host Computer with Monitor, the EyeLink Software Development Kit, 24 month hardware warranty and perpetual technical support.
  • EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount (ELP-DESK-89)
    When used with a chin or forehead rest, the EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount enables high temporal and spatial resolution monocular and binocular recording.
    By adding the Remote/Head Free Camera Upgrade (ELP-RMT-UP), the mount can also be used to achieve up to 1000 Hz binocular Remote recording without head stabilization.
  • SR Research Head Support (SR-HDR)
    This is a sturdy, yet comfortable, chin and / or forehead rest that clamps to a table top for ultimate stability. Great care was taken to design the head support so that there is no interference with the users knees or legs

Other Common Options

  • Analog Output Card (EL-ANL)
    A 16 bit analog output PCI card for your host computer allows x,y eye position and pupil size data to be streamed as voltages to be used by other devices. The hard real-time image processing and data output capabilities of the EyeLink system are utilized to produce less than 40 usec (0.04 msec) of inter-sample jitter.
  • SR Research Experiment Builder and Data Viewer Software Bundle (EL-DVEB)
    Experiment Builder and Data Viewer enable easy implementation of most experimental paradigms and provide simple access to the features of the EyeLink eye tracker.
  • 2000 Hz Camera Upgrade (ELP-2K-UP)
    Included with all new EyeLink systems, upgrading the EyeLink 1000 Plus camera provides the world's fastest sampling rate and online data access time. This upgrade enables 2000 Hz binocular recording and 1000 Hz in Remote mode with the head free-to-move. Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.
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