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Bespoke Hardware Solutions

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Do you have a need for dedicated eye tracking hardware? Contact SR Research today to consult about how you can leverage our decades of expertise in engineering the world's top-performing eye-tracking hardware and software to assist in your application. Our eye-tracking expertise has empowered manufacturers and researchers to develop solutions for a wide range of applications.

EyeLink eye trackers are designed from the outset for high performance eye tracking and deliver the lowest noise and highest accuracy of any video-based eye-tracking hardware. Our OEM solutions embody these same world leading characteristics.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • design of illumination and cameras for low-noise recording
  • high-speed sampling (up to 2000 Hz) with fast responsivity
  • identifying landmarks on the eyes and face allowing measurement of eye movements and/or position of gaze position
  • knowledge of regulations including IEC 60601 medical certification requirements
  • software customization to integrate with your application

The success of SR Research eye trackers provides proven competence at producing outstanding hardware solutions. We can help you design lightweight, compact eye-tracking units to be mounted on displays, integrated with head stabilization systems or otherwise packaged to create streamlined, easy-to-use devices for any purpose. OEMs and other developers may use the SR Research supplied support modules to create their own applications, with full freedom of appearance and interface for semi-automated diagnostic systems.

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