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SR Research Announces Enhanced Performance for EyeLink® 1000 Plus and EyeLink® Portable Duo Eye Trackers

Ottawa, Ontario, March 10, 2017


SR Research first introduced a 2000 Hz sampling rate over a decade ago, pushing forward technological frontiers and setting the standards for fast, accurate and reliable eye tracking.

With our latest software and hardware updates, the EyeLink 1000 Plus and EyeLink Portable Duo both now record binocular data at the world’s fastest sampling rates - 2000 Hz with the head stabilized and 1000 Hz with the head free to move.

Our dedicated camera hardware and real time operating system ensure these high sampling rates are delivered with exceptional temporal precision and low noise, guaranteeing no dropped samples and allowing researchers to be confident in their data. High sampling rates help minimize tracking loss and optimize integration with other neurophysiological recording systems such as EEG and MEG. Our combination of high sampling rates, low noise and the latest generation of high speed (240 Hz) monitors provides the perfect solution for timing-critical gaze-contingent tasks.

Powering the World's Best Eye-Tracking Research

Supported by an unparalleled and dedicated technical support team, combining decades of personal experience in eye-tracking research and a highly sophisticated understanding of eye-tracking paradigms, EyeLink users have published more peer-reviewed papers than users of any other eye-tracking system.

The EyeLink 1000 series has been at the heart of this cutting edge eye-tracking research since its introduction in 2005 and 12 years later, is still unmatched in terms of precision, flexibility and performance. The updated EyeLink 1000 Plus and EyeLink Portable Duo represent the latest evolutions of our unique hardware and software platform, providing flexible eye tracking solutions that allow researchers to collect high quality eye tracking data, both in and out of the lab.

All new EyeLink 1000 Plus systems will ship with the new sampling speeds as standard, with no added cost. Existing EyeLink 1000 Plus users who feel their research would benefit from the higher sampling rates should contact to discuss the options.