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SR Research Announces the EyeLink Portable Duo

Ottawa, Ontario, November 11th, 2016

SR Research Ltd is proud to announce the release of the EyeLink® Portable Duo. Like every other EyeLink, this latest addition is highly flexible and provides fast, accurate, and reliable eye tracking in a wide range of research scenarios. The Portable Duo is easy on the eye, easy to transport and easy to use, while preserving the exceptionally high levels of data quality associated with all EyeLink systems.

Uncompromised Data Quality: The Portable Duo distinguishes itself from other portable eye-trackers in a variety of ways:

  • Compact and powerful camera hardware for superior quality sample-level data - giving accurate and precise measures of gaze location and pupil size.

  • It is a dual use system, operating in discrete high-precision head stabilized and head free-to-move modes - each with their own unique algorithms for ensuring low noise and high accuracy data.

  • The consistent 500Hz binocular sampling rate enables the most sophisticated and demanding eye movement research, including gaze contingent paradigms, microsaccade detection, clinical oculomotor assessment and pupillometry.

Given the Portable Duo’s high quality data, flexible operating modes, and precise timing, the system is perfect for researchers who want to record high quality eye movement data, both in and out of the lab.

Highly Portable: The small form-factor EyeLink Portable Duo comes with a Laptop Mount for tracking on a laptop screen and a small Tripod Mount for use with any computer monitor or projection screen. Everything needed will fit in a tough carry-on case for long distance transport and a wheeled Laptop bag / backpack for local visits. The Portable Duo allows researchers to easily collect data in settings such as daycares, schools, homes, or hospitals and includes IEC 60601-1 medical certification. A streamlined graphical user interface enables fast and simple data collection.

Flexible Software Solutions: Supported by over two decades of continuous software development, the EyeLink Portable Duo is compatible with existing EyeLink software. Experiment programming options include our powerful Experiment Builder software (OS X and Windows), as well as many third party options such as E-Prime, Psychtoolbox for MATLAB, and NBS Presentation. SR Research Data Viewer analysis software provides powerful data visualization and allows the exporting of hundreds of dependent measures. Backed up by SR Research’s renowned technical support, the EyeLink Portable Duo enables new possibilities for eye tracking researchers around the world.