SR Research
Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

The EyeLink® 1000 Plus

Every 1000 Plus system consists of:

  • the Core System - the EyeLink 1000 Plus Camera and Host PC (Laptop or Workstation PC) form the basis of the 1000 Plus eye-tracker
  • and a Mount - one of several interchangable mounts that hold the camera in place while providing infrared illumination

Every 1000 Plus core includes perpetual software updates and technical support with no hidden fees. Example code and programs are freely available for:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7, MacOS X, and Linux
  • with examples written in C, COM, Presentation, E-Prime, MATLAB and LabView
  • and programming in C/C++, Python, COM, and MATLAB via PsychToolbox
  • as well as SR Research Experiment Builder and Data Viewer

Choose from a Laptop or Workstation Host PC...








Along with the 1000 Plus Camera, the Host PC processes and records eye movement data. The Host PC runs on a dedicated real-time operating system and acts as a data server. The software is thoroughly tested and optimized for the hardware, so not just any computer can be used.

... and then choose a Camera Mount.

Different mounting options are available for the 1000 Plus camera. As each mount has its own unique eye-tracking properties, this makes the 1000 Plus flexible enough to be used for a variety of different eye tracking applications. Tell us your application and we'll recommend the mount for the task.

* supports high-precision recording modes with the head stabilized, or Remote modes with the head free to move - like having multiple eye trackers using the same hardware

Optional accessories:

  • Remote Camera Upgrade - adding up to 1000 Hz binocular head free-to-move tracking
  • Display PCs - hardware optimized for audio and visual stimulus delivery
  • High Speed Displays - fast refresh monitors up to 240 Hz
  • Installation and Training - one of our Research Support Specialists will come on-site to install and train your group on optimal use of the hardware and software
  • Video Overlay - live video output of gaze tracking
  • CRTs - they may be dated technology but they still have their uses

Eye tracking in an MEG or MRI room?

For sensitive environments like MEG or MRI, add the fiber-optic Camera Head and one of our Long Range Mounting options:

  • Desktop Base
  • Screen Clamp Mount
  • Tray Mount

The same software designed for use in the lab operates seamlessly in MEG or MRI.