SR Research
Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

Stimulus Presentation Hardware

SR Research carefully measures audio and visual stimulus delivery times and can provide highly optimized Display PCs with known timing properties. We have two levels of Display PC – the Entry Level PC designed for low-demand experiments with simple graphical changes and an Ultra Display PC with high performance components for the most demanding tasks.

All of our Display PCs:
  • have a parallel port for easy TTL synchronization
  • have at least 1 GB of video memory
  • have high speed hard drives or SSDs
  • have ASIO compliant sound hardware for 2 msec audio synchronization
  • DVD R/W
  • extra ethernet port
  • run Windows 7or 10 Professional

Computer Monitors:

Inquire about LCD and CRT monitor availability.

We sell both LCD Displays that have been timing-tested and confirmed to have accurate vertical refresh capabilities, and

CRTs are available that can perform at 160 Hz vertically (21" models) or 150 Hz vertically (19" models).

Display PC Components