SR Research
Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

Data Viewer

Key Features

bulletOverlay view provides eye event position and scan path visualization on top of presented stimulus
bulletTime plot view supports eye sample trace visualization
bulletPlayback view provides temporal playback and movie export of recording with gaze position overlay
bulletCreate rectangular, elliptical, or free form interest areas
bulletGenerate heat maps
bulletOutput eye sample, fixation, saccade, interest area, or trial based reports for statistical analysis
bulletCreate reaction time definitions for automatic trial by trial RT calculation and interest periods
bulletfor temporal data filtering
bulletHighly integrated with the SR Research Experiment Builder

The EyeLink® Data Viewer is an intuitive tool that is used for viewing, filtering, and processing EyeLink gaze data.

Several different data viewing modes are available. A series of reporting tools are also provided that can be used to generate tab delimited data files for use in common statistical analysis packages. Report variables include interest area dwell time and fixation progression; first pass and regressive fixation measures, and hundreds more.