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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

Scene Camera

Key Features

bulletGaze position is provided on video from a forward facing head mounted camera
bullet250 Hz sampling rate
bulletExcellent tolerance to external / varying light sources
bulletBinocular recording is used to correct for horizontal and vertical parallax errors when
bulletthe participant is looking at non calibrated viewing distances
bulletPractically unlimited head movements
bulletSynchronised audio input support
scene cam
The Scene Camera option for the EyeLink II records a participant’s eye position in relation to a video being captured by a forward facing head-mounted camera. The Scene Camera extension turns the EyeLink II base system into a dual purpose eye tracker, capable of providing high quality computer monitor and real world based eye tracking.

SceneLink, a software application included with the Scene Camera option, saves the scene video and eye data to a computer hard drive. The application provides real-time display of the eye position on the scene video as the data is being recorded. SceneLink can also be used to calibrate the eye tracker and playback the saved scene videos for analysis.

Alternatively, the scene video with integrated gaze position overlay can be saved to any NTSC recording device supporting S-Video or composite (RCA) input.