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Announcing the Faster Sampling Rates for All EyeLink systems
Portable Duo in the library

EyeLink Portable Duo

The EyeLink Portable Duo produces the highest quality data to emerge from a compact and easy to transport eye tracker. The Portable Duo is dual-use as a high-speed (up to 2000 Hz Binocular head-stabilized or 1000 Hz Remote head free-to-move), high-precision system - portability with uncompromised data quality.


EyeLink 1000 Plus

The EyeLink 1000 Plus is the world's most accurate and precise video-based eye tracker, sampling at up to 2000 Hz. It is also the most customizable with interchangeable lenses, multiple mounting options and multiple head free-to-move Remote configurations. Its unique flexibility ensures reliable tracking from infants to adults, with EEG, MEG or MRI. In the lab or in the field, the EyeLink 1000 Plus does it all and does it best.

MRI/MEG Eye Tracking

The EyeLink 1000 Plus is the world's best performing eye tracking system for MRI , MEG, and other brain imaging methods. Combined with world-leading technical specifications and the ability to easily use the same system in multiple settings, it is not surprising that EyeLink systems are the clear choice of successful researchers.


EyeLink II

The head mounted EyeLink II revolutionized video-based eye-tracking and remains the system of choice when highly accurate, low-noise, head-mounted laboratory tracking is required.


Software For Research

Experiment Builder supports screen-based Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience experiments with or without eye-tracking capabilities. DataViewer provides advanced eye-tracking data visualization and processing.



EyeLink eye-trackers have been cited in over 4,500 peer-reviewed publications (and counting!). We take pride in the success of our users.